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Free Initial Consultation

Dr. Feldman offers a free 20-minute phone, in person or Zoom consultation for all new patients.  It is important that before paying, you know what to expect and feel confident in your choice in a health partner. Dr. Feldman's primary mission is to help; no matter your financial situation, please feel comfortable to make the outreach to discuss your particular health and financial needs. 


Regular Fees

  • Initial Visit: Generally takes 1 1/2 hours and costs $225.  

    • You can expect:

      • Discussion of your medical concerns and history

      • Physical examination based on your health concerns

      • Discussion of diagnosis, testing and treatment options

      • Initial Chiropractic or Acupuncture treatment depending on your condition

      • Recommended labs and imaging where appropriate

  • Regular Consultations: Generally take 45 minutes - 1 hr and cost $90 - $130 depending on the time spent and agreement made during your initial consultation.

    • You can expect:

      • Review of symptoms and your response to treatment

      • Ongoing treatment of your condition



For conditions that will require multiple treatments, Dr. Feldman offers packages to help lower the cost per treatment: 3 visits $285, 6 visits $509, 10 visits $815


Dr. Feldman accepts insurance provided by Anthem BCBS. 

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